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18th February 2007

10:18am: w00t..

Who uses live journal anymore? lol. Apparently not I. 

Let's see here, I've decide to go to a community college thats right up the road a little bit. I did get accepted into every school I applied to. One of them was a major university and they wanted to give me $8,500 a year to go there. But I've decided that it's not for me. But I'm happy with it.

I'm supposed to have plans with my reallly good friend since I was litte today. We'll see how that works. I have no money so how in the hell am I suppose to go to the movies? lol.

I have two bad dreams last night, well this morning, whatever lol. So that was fun.

I'm already making plans for a grad party. I'm aiming for the day after my birthday, because I have to have my grad party and if I wanted it, a b-day party at the same time. More presents =). Jussst kidding. lol. I give up on trying to make a list of people to invite though I'll miss so many people if I try and do it now. lol. 

Yeah graduation is getting too close for comfort. I don't liiike thisss. 

Hm what else? Oh apparently people like to feel cool and pick fights with people on myspace whom they don't even know. So that means I'm extremely ugly and look like a man. kbud. 

I'm done, see again in another 3 months lol.

23rd April 2006

8:54am: new layout-ish.

Credit for the graphic in my layout goes to. It's lovely
xbehindblueyesx in  </a></font></strong></a>__qgxwhore

22nd February 2006

9:47pm: <lj-cut text=hghklgfhg>

21st February 2006

10:52am: This war is getting harder to fight by my self...

I lead a boring life, which is not a life. I am merely a robot doing what others tell me to do obediently. I say nothing, my mouth stays closed, and on the rare occasion that I do open my mouth, words do not come out. I want to do so much, and I can't, for I am stuck living this life which is not a life. I want a job, I want to have fun, I want to hang out with friends. I want to go out and do something, staying in and sitting around baby sitting isn't working for me anymore, and when I address that, and tell them I do not get paid, they tell me I shouldn't need to get paid becuase they work. But on their days off they're not working, they're out drinking and partying and gambling, among other things, but I'm still stuck babysitting. 

I feel like everyone is out living life, and I'm standing still. I'm not even allowed to go to my sister's anymore, which really actually sucks. I can not get a paying job because then people will have no live-in babysitter.

I do have to say things with the boyfriend, are great. While everything else in my life continues to crumble, we get stronger. We made each other cards yesterday, it was cute. It was just construction paper, markers, and glitter glue. Just because, for no reason really, yesterday was our 4 month, making it the longest relationship he's ever had. lol, but because of my stupidity, not mine. Oh well. I gave him a hair cut yesterday, which I've never done before, but it doesn't look too bad.

My leg looks lovely, it got crushed my a snow blower. Oh yes.

the pics are crappy cuz my cam sucks lol. but I have to go, the Keeper is calling me to clean. Fucking brothers sleeping not doing shti and it's his kids trashing the place. fucker.

Current Mood: pissed off

27th December 2005

4:39am: Image hosted by Photobucket.com

**thank you to breath_disater in the community _allbanners for the FOB banner...yall should join, great community! lovey things!**
Current Mood: tired considering its 4:41 am

2nd July 2005

4:46pm: This is Nicole logged into Alex's journal. I just got off the phone with her, and she wanted me to let everyone know that she's in the hospital, and she'll be there for about a week. They have to do surgery on her gall bladder [gall stones or something?]. She's feeling better now, though. She just wanted me to let everyone know that she *is* okay, and after her surgey she'll be fine.

- Nicole

3rd April 2005

11:33pm: All my life...I've prayed for someone like you.

...poitless, I know...lol

Current Mood: determined//strong
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